Bowling, what target to focus on?

Richie Benaud was quoted as saying if there was a $100 note on a good length and if the bowler hit they could keep it, what would the bowler look at?

For most bowlers the only thing they should be thinking about and looking at when running in to bowl is the target they would like to hit.

Most often this would be a good length which passes the stumps bail height and lands approximately 3 steps from the popping crease.

Some bowlers have to look and aim fuller to achieve a good length. For example, aiming at the batsmen’s toes, body or an area on the stumps. The point here is to aim at something to get the job done. Nobody has to know where you are aiming or looking. Too many amateurs miss the target in the same area without adjusting.

Some of the best players in the world didn’t focus on anything in particular but imagined a shot or delivery that they wanted the batsmen to play such as missing a yorker or playing around an in swinger.

Consider a method that works for you.

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